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Motion films that Bob has been associated with are listed below in alphabetical order by title. Each item includes the film's stars and Bob's role or position.

  • The Opposite Sex, dir. David Miller (MGM, 1956), starring Juny Allyson, Joan Collins. Texas talk man.
  • Outlaw Treasure, dir. Oliver Drake (UA, 1955), starring Johnny Carpenter, Adele Jergens. "Frank James".
  • Riding Shotgun, dir. Andre' De Toth (Warner Bros., 1954), starring Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris. Stunts; bucked off bronco.
  • River of No Return, dir. Otto Preminger (20th Century Fox, 1954), starring Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe. Stunts; doubled Robert Mitchum.
  • The Robe, dir. Henry Koster (20th Century Fox, 1953), starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons. Stunts; doubled Richard Burton.
  • Sign of the Pagan, dir. Douglas Sirk (MGM, 1954), starring Jeff Chandler, Jack Palance. Stunts.
  • Speed Crazy, dir. William Hole, Jr. (Allied Artists, 1959), starring Brett Halsey, Yvonne Fedderson. "Sheriff".
  • The Ten Commandments, dir. Cecil B. DeMille (Paramount, 1956), starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner. Stunts; doubled Charlton Heston.
  • Under Fire, dir. James B. Clark (20th Century Fox, 1957), starring Rex Reason, Harry Morgan. "Pvt. Finley".
  • White Christmas, dir. Michael Curtiz (Paramount, 1954), starring Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby. Extra.
  • White Feather, dir. Robert Webb (20th Century Fox, 1955), starring Robert Wagner, John Lund. Stunts.
  • Wings of the Hawk, dir. Budd Boetticher (Universal, 1953), starring Van Heflin, Julie Adams. Stunts.
  • Young Guns of Texas, dir. Maury Dexter (20th Century Fox, 1962), starring James Mitchum, Chill Wills. "Sheriff Simon".


The television shows that Bob has been associated with are listed below in alphabetical order by show title. Each item includes the contribution made to the show or particular episode.

  • Annie Oakley: "Reno" in "Dude's Decision" (dir. George Archainbaud; 1957).
  • Bonanza: Extra / stunts in various episodes (dir. N. McDonald; 1959).
  • Dragnet: "Big John" in "The Big Juke Box" (dir. Jack Webb; 1958).
  • Flight: produced "Test Pilot" episode (dir. Gerry Morton; 1959).
  • Frontier Circus: "Dave" in "Stopover in Paradise" (dir. Sydney Pollack; 1962).
  • Gunsmoke: rider in "The Mistake" (dir. Andrew McLaglen; 1962).
  • Hollywood Jamboree: produced and directed (1965).
  • The Immortal: filmed second unit for pilot (dir. Joseph Sargent; 1969).
  • The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp: stunts in various episodes (dir. Frank McDonald; 1957).
  • Mission Impossible: filmed second unit for various episodes (dir. Joseph Sargent; 1970).
  • Sheriff of Cochise: "Bronco" in "Husband and Wife" (dir. Harve Foster; 1957).
  • Stoney Burke: filmed second unit for variouis rodeos (dir. Leslie Stevens; 1962).
  • Tales of Wells Fargo: "Mac" in "Deadwood" (dir. Boris Sagal; 1958).
  • Tombstone Territory: deputy sheriff in "The Assassin" (dir. Felix E. Fiest; 1957).
  • Wagon Train: stunts in various episodes (dir. Earl Bellamy; 1958).
  • Walker, Texas Ranger: third judge in "Deadly Reunion" (dir. Michael Preece; 1994).
  • You Asked for It: rode bucking barrel (dir. Robert Lees; 1954).
  • The Young Lawyers: filmed second unit, Boston, for pilot (dir. Joseph Sargent; 1970).

Short Subjects

Short subjects Bob produced and directed for Paramount Studios are listed below in alphabetical order by title.

  • Born Hunters
  • California Wine
  • Dean Smith - Stuntman
  • Jumping Frog Jubilee
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Mr. Chat
  • Texas Longhorn
  • Texas Today
  • Trail Ride
  • Virginia City


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